Interesting Facts About Precious Stones Made Of The Remains Of Family

Science and technology has improved a great deal that, researchers have found ways to comfort individuals. You might be wondering, how and in what ways are individuals comforted? Have you heard about memorial jewellery? Did you ever wish for a keepsake of your loved one who passed away some time back? You might have precious memories of your parents, spouse, etc. and dealing with the loss would have been tough. Given that, at present, there are many ways for having keepsakes, which you might not be aware of. If you were asked what type of keepsake you’d prefer, you’d probably opt for an urn.

Have you every thought about having a diamond made of the remains? Were you aware of precious stones that exist in the market? In fact, this is widely spreading worldwide, where the cremated remains are used to create diamonds. These synthetic precious stones are in fact, incorporated in many things. With that said, this article would be highlighting some interesting facts about this precious stone. Here are some facts that you might not be aware of:

• What are precious stones made of remains?

As the words suggest, ashes diamond is made of the remains of those who have died. You might wonder how this is possible? That is because the remains contain carbon, which is extracted in special laboratories. This precious stone is as hard and has the brilliance of the natural precious stones. These stones are also known as memorial diamonds. Visit!faq-1/xtbag

• Where can these be found?

These stones have been made in laboratories utilizing high pressure and temperature, in Chicago based in LifeGems and Switzerland. Moreover, these can be found in 30 countries some of which are Australia, Chicago, Hong Kong, etc.

• What are the precious stones made of?

As it’s been mentioned, these are made using carbon, which has been extracted from the remains. In addition to the extracted substance, no other additives have been used. On the other hand, the natural ‘blue’ comes in different shades depending on the composition in the cremated remains.

• How long does the process take?

On the other hand, the cremation cremation ashes diamond Hong Kong is made from at least 400g of the remains. The process starting from the extraction to the final product or output takes about 6 months. However, it depends on the size of the project the client requires.

It’s always important to respect the last wishes of a family member regards how to handle the remains. Therefore, with their acceptance you could create keepsake from the remains. As a fact, you’d be close to that person even after the death.