Cool Items To Own For The Summer Heat

With El Niño going on it’s own and being crazy (albeit our fault but let’s skip that part), your own home might have turned into a furnace. So in order to combat the ever increasing heat (empathies for those in the tropical zone) you might have new found habits and technological improvements that were guaranteed to work. So in addition for those, here are some ideas for you to incorporate to your anti-heat combat gear.

A tent

Not the camping tent you are thinking about, but a beach tent (along with some beach towels to go as cushioning) would be a great idea to have when inside of your house ends up almost burning you to death. There are some cool designs for tents and there are sustainable ones too. So you can get the full usefulness of the breeze that only seems to outside of your house and never inside your house when you have no walls and only a roof to shade you.

A futuristic travel towel

Go for the ones that come in fancy designs and shapes turkish towels and are great for absorbing water at super-fast speeds. Your sweat is pretty much water too so keeping one hanging out of your back pocket will actually save you going around hunting for your regular ones and using them up fast.

Drink Butler – Remote controlled

If you didn’t see the futuristic bartender, here is one to blow your mind away. This remote controlled drink butler can hold up to four beer bottles and will also open the bottle for you. For the geeks out there, you can stack up your flag onto the beer butler and watch it go around distributing beer and marketing your flag. It also has an additional water spryer to splash you with amazingly cool and life saving water (make sure to save as much water as possible due to the scarcity).

Solar charger

If you are not using this extreme heat to save up on some energy (and for those with solar cells- to actually make a lot of bucks selling back extra energy onto the grid), then you are missing out on saving money on your electricity bills. There are different types of solar chargers from ones that stick to the glass on your windows and to ones that you can just place where sunlight is. So if you planning on sitting down to get some sun on your beach towels (not advisable but each to its own) then get some sun to your charger too, check out here.

There are other cool inventions made for those who are suffering from daily heat issues like inflatable radio pillow (there’s a water version too), wine tote (keep it cool people!), inflatable sumo tube and plethora of things to come to your aid in the heat.